Roberto Ramos and His Political Aspirations.


Dania Legido , Editor of News

We all want to change the way the world is; or at least want to improve parts of it. Well, that’s what Roberto Ramos hopes to achieve in the future. Roberto has always had a concern with the way the world is and how it’s impacted us; he’s always wanted to do some sort of service in order to improve it. His genuine care about the people who are hurt by climate change and the flaws within our government can really stand out sometimes. Roberto has wholeheartedly expressed how much he cares about the well being of his friends and family.

Roberto hopes to someday be able to help people by becoming a lawyer. “I know that many people are like afraid of ICE and immigration,” he said, “So I’d probably wanna become a lawyer; it seems fun.” In the past Roberto couldn’t imagine himself with a job related to politics, but now he wants to push that aside and help out people in any way he can and for him that means being a lawyer. “I used to not like political stuff,” Roberto explained, “I used to hate it 24/7 but now I can see myself with a job like that.”  His ambition for bettering our world comes from some of the things he’s witnessed and how much things have changed when people do things in a different way than most are used to. “Stuff isn’t black and white anymore, the world is very colorful, now you can see that people are happy without having to stick to society’s norm.”