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“The advice I would give a woman would be to just make sure what you want in life and to never give up because you’ll then be known as weak.”


Yanira Chavez is a hard working single mother that works in construction. She says she likes to be in construction because she is the only female at her construction worksite.

It’s challenging for her because she has to operate heavy machinery and tools that’s typically used by men. Being a single mother for 12 years influenced her life and work. It has been difficult for her so she decided to turn to construction to support her family.

Yanira had no one by her side to push her and become the person she is today, but she knew she had kids to support. This is what makes Yanira strong.


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Esmeralda: How does it feel to be the only female at a construction worksite?
Yanira: It feels great, it’s a good feeling.
Esmeralda: Why do you tend to help others a lot?
Yanira: Cause one day they helped me and i’m willing to help them now, it’s my turn to help out
Esmeralda: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being the only female at your job?
Yanira: The disadvantages of being the only female at a construction worksite is that we may run into a guy that may disrespect you and give you dirty looks. The advantages of being the only female at a construction site is that you feel powerful and it shows others how a woman can do anything a guy can do.
Esmeralda: Do you ever feel comfortable/uncomfortable?
Yanira: umm no.
Esmeralda: Have you faced any specific challenges or obstacles as a female construction worker, and how have you overcome them?
Yanira: yes, I have faced obstacles like not being able to use some tools, not being able to drive a forklift. I overcame these obstacles by asking around, practicing, and going to school.
Esmeralda: That’s good, Have you noticed any differences in communication or work dynamics of being one of the few females in a male-dominated industry?
Yanira: Yes, I have noticed some differences when a male starts to communicate with me since they may think I’m not strong enough to handle things that men can do so they send me to do light work instead.
Esmeralda: How do you balance work-life commitments considering the physically demanding nature of construction work?
Yanira: I balance work by focusing and trying my hardest every day.
Esmeralda: What advice or guidance would you give to other women who are considering a career in construction?
Yanira: The advice I would give a woman would be to just make sure what you want in life and to never give up because you’ll then be known as weak. You also have to make sure that you don’t get with no guy at a construction worksite because it will end badly or it just won’t work out.
Esmeralda: Okay, that’s some really good advice. What specific skills or expertise do you bring to the job?
Yanira: I will bring 12 years of knowledge and skill that I bring to the job so that I won’t hold a grudge.
Esmeralda: Can you share any experiences or stories or your unique perspective and skills as a female construction worker that have positively impacted a project?
Yanira: For 12 years I’ve been a single mother with 2 kids. Being part of the construction made me change for my whole life. It made me stronger and I really would like it if more females joined the construction and it’s a good feeling and it’s worth it.


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