Midterm Madness: 5 Ways To Preserve Your Mental Health During Midterms

Midterm Madness: 5 Ways To Preserve Your Mental Health During Midterms

Vivian Cortez, Contributor

As our midterms approach, students get really stressed out. Therefore, a helpful guide to mental health during the midterm season could be striving for an achievable goal with a healthy mindset and strong values.Some students study for midterms so they won’t have to worry about consequences about the scores and their future. Many students often plan ahead throughout the school year.  There are several ways students can preserve a healthy mindset. Such as getting enough sleep, going to class, talking to teachers and reading your work and giving yourself a break. Some people do what  they can for school.


“I do what I can,I focus on school during this time the most in that week, it’s the only time I put 110 percent  in school”. Senior Aida Ruiz said. Many other students may also find themselves applying their effort when the deadline is around the corner. A healthy practice could be asking friends to study for midterms with you. 


“When you study it’s better to study with friends, studying alone is okay but when you have friends to help you it’s easier since you can split up the work since it’s faster” Ruiz explained. Group studying can ease your stress when you’re preparing for midterms. Below are some helpful tips from students and the boxer bulletin staff. 

According to https://www.cabrini.edu/blog/2019-20-posts/surviving-midterms here are some tips to preserve your mental health. 


  1. Set aside a specific amount of time for studying: When you have an exam or work you have to do you can set a time you would want to focus on it and get it done.
  2. Try not to mess with your meal/sleep schedule: If you mess up your meal or sleeping schedule it can have an effect on your body which can stop you from focusing as much as you want to. 
  3. Talk to your teachers: Talking to your teachers can help you in certain situations. They can tell you what things you should mainly focus on.
  4. Stay organized: staying organized can help you study easier. For example, highlighting your information can make it easier for you to go back on that specific example or topic. Being organized can prevent you from being overwhelmed. 
  5. Give yourself breaks: Giving yourself breaks is really helpful because when you give yourself a break you can process the information that you are trying to memorize.

Aida Leaves students with a valuable reminder “mental health is important and something you need to focus on”.