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What makes something actually scary?

A look into scary movies and why we enjoy being scared.

Why do people enjoy being scared? The adrenaline leaving your body, the little goosebumps you get, the race in your heart that just keeps beating. This is what it feels like when you are truly scared.

According to The history of horror in American culture – Hudson Valley One, Since the early days of cinema, we have had horror movies starting with the 1896 short film The Haunted Castle, believed to be the first short film to ever exist. A tour through the history of horrifying things reveal how they reflect society’s fears, from the threat of communism and consumerism to sexual promiscuity. Many of these elements still exist in scary movies today and that’s what makes people keep chasing that thrill and the rush of fear. Film teacher Perry Shields, has an in depth knowledge in film culture.”

 Perry Shields is a film teacher at Oscar De La Hoya Charter High School. Shields is a very kind, heart-warming, type of person who loves the art in film making. He knows a lot about scary movies and what elements make them scary.  Perry belie

A fan of horror related things, Alejandra Oleja

ves that  “scary movies give us a chance to process that fear in a fantasy way. It kinda gets it out of our system so we won’t be afraid as much.” He talks about how he doesn’t like horror movies with a serial killer who’s just killing people because of the repetitiveness.

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“What makes a film truly scary is not just the jump scares or the gore, but the psychological depth of the story and the way it taps into our deepest fears” Perry explains, his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. As he continues to delve into the depths of cinematic horror, Perry Shields remains a guiding light for those who seek to understand what truly makes a film scary.

Alejandra Oleja, a devoted fan of all things scary and horrifying, is a close friend known for her keen insights into what makes a movie truly terrifying. With a collection of horror memorabilia that would make any fan envious, Alejandra’s passion for the genre shines through in every conversation and movie recommendation she shares.

“Horror films have this unique ability to tap into our primal fears and make us confront the things that scare us the most,” Alejandra explains, her voice tinged with a mix of reverence and excitement. “Whether it’s a supernatural entity, a psychological thriller, or a visceral slasher film, each sub genre has its own way of getting under your skin.” 

What makes something truly scary in films and movies is the skillful combination of storytelling, character development, visuals, sound design, and universal fears. It’s about creating tension, suspense, and emotional engagement to immerse the audience in a world where the boundaries of reality blur and primal fears are brought to the forefront. By tapping into deep-seated anxieties and exploring themes that resonate with viewers, horror films have the power to provoke thought, stir the imagination, and leave a lasting impression that lingers long after the screen fades to black.

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