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A Setter’s Leadership

Why is a Setter’s position so difficult? What do they do that makes them a leader.
Allison Iniguez
Volleyball girls

Volleyball is an amazing sport anyone can play and enjoy or even make a career  from it. There are specific positions that are very challenging such as outside hitter, opposite hitter, libero, setter and middle blocked/ hitter. These are the 6 positions that are needed for the court and they all have an importance. A specific position is known to be very difficult but is also known to be the mastermind of the team.

This position is needed to give the ball to their hitters and remember what type of ball each person hits better because all hitters are different. This position is called the Setter. A setter is responsible for ball control and making sure the team follows plays, and the format of their team.

Not many people are chosen to take this position but those who are take their responsibility very seriously. For example, 11th grader Jaquelyn Aguila, Jarelly Ungo, and former Oscar De la Hoya student Ashley Lara, are hard working athletes that are setters for the ODLH girls volleyball team. 

These amazing players have a lot of experience and have much to say about being a leader to those who are interested in improving their skill on the court.  Ashley, Jarelly, and Jackie attend practice everyday and always encourage their teammates. 

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In volleyball there’s a lot of responsibility that requires you to micromanage your team. Socializing in volleyball  is very important because communicating with your team is the key to success.

“To make better connections” Jackie explains, “I would advise you to talk to people who have familiarized themselves with the sport and involve yourself more academically and athletically.” 

Ashley Lara is a former student and athlete from ODLH . When Ashley was a student at ODLH she was the setter of ODLH girls Volleyball team and played for her 4 years in highschool. Jarelly Ungo is currently attending ODLH as a 11th grader and is a setter for ODLH.Jackie Agular  is currently attending ODLH as an 11th graders as well and is also a setter for ODLH. “Lots of practice and dedication as well as passion” is what Ashley believes makes a great setter” Ashley says. “Being a great leader comes with a lot of responsibility and being the most thoughtful in the team” Jarelly explains, “I would advise you to talk to people who have familiarized themselves with the sport and involve yourself more academically and athletically.” Jackie explains.

Being a setter is very difficult and challenging. There are a lot of imperfections and struggles these setters have to handle. Setters have to deal with pressure from their teammates and coaches. “I would say the hardest part about being a setter is making sure I make the right play,” Jackie claims, “There are multiple plays I could make but it’s all about analyzing the game and figuring out which one would get us the point. 

Jarelly explains it like this, “The hardest part being a setter is thinking who to set to or who to ‘feed’ because I can tell as their friend/teammate that when they mess up the spike it messes with their mentality which reflects how they play.” 

“As setters, our main purpose is to get 2nd hit, which means we are only meant to get in contact with the ball after the ideal ‘dig’ in order to set the ball up for the ideal ‘spike,’” Ashley claims, “This can be the hardest part about this position because Sometimes, if not most, it does not go as planned. Also, getting the set perfectly to the likings of the hitter is hard because though it sounds easy, it takes a lot of technique and skill.”

According to MonClubSportif, leadership is important to a sports team because being a leader consists of motivating the team and helping everyone improve, they always have an open mind and positive attitude. A leader will always admit their mistakes and is consistently improving. Ashley, Jarelly and Jackie represent this type of leadership with their team. 

 Volleyball is an enjoyable sport for everyone and helps you motivate yourself, make great connections, and socialize along with being active. “I decided to play this sport as a way to stay busy and active but I came to have a passion for it later in the line” Ashley recalled,  “My team members also provided such a positive energy that it motivated me to continue playing.” 

If sports is something you enjoy then volleyball is something to give a go. Ashley, Jarelly, and Jackie highly encourage people to give this sport a try and let them know they won’t regret that decision.

Volleyball can give students passion and motivation to be active.Thanks to Ashley, Jarelly and Jackie, the people who wanted advice or what they needed, these girls got it covered and gave the people who needed it what they wanted.”Experiencing things for yourself allows your passion to grow for the sport.” said Ashley .

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