How to ustomize your uniform without being dress coded

Example of required uniform

Example of required uniform

Alondra Corza and Saylah Vera

ODLH high school has a strict uniform policy that makes it hard to be original and in our day-to-day outfit. The dislike of uniforms is a common opinion, students want to be able to express themselves in their wardrobe whether that be with shoes, pants, jackets or headbands. The world of fashion is constantly changing and although to some people it holds no significance, for others it helps them show who they are. But how do we do that without receiving the consequences of wearing the wrong colored jacket to school? Well, here are 5 tips to personalizing your uniform – without being dress coded. 


Number 1: Accessories

Accessories are often added as a finishing touch to finish an outfit but they can say loads about the wearer. Wearing unique jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even piercings can help you express your personality. 


Number 2: Hair Color and Style

One of the few articles unaffected by our strict dress code policy is our hair. Hair is a large part in expressing yourselves and without any limitations to the colors you’re able to have, dying your hair and styling it can help you express yourself freely. 


 Number 3: Shoes 

Shoes are a staple in ones outfits and without any strict restrictions you’re able to wear shoes of any color and any pattern. This can help add a pop of color in our otherwise bleak uniform. 


Number 4: Jackets 

Some may think only school jackets and crewnecks are allowed but after speaking to Ms. Vidals we discovered any type of fabric jacket is allowed so long as it follows the schools colors, navy, black or gray, and the schools rule of not having a logo. For example rocking a black leather jacket to school or a navy denim jacket to school won’t get you in any trouble. 


Number 5: Makeup

Makeup is a used as a form of self expression and can build a persons confidence it also aids individuals in standing out. The schools dress code policy has zero constraints on makeup so students are allowed to openly personalize their makeup any way they want, wearing colorful eyeshadows or customizing your eyeliner with different patterns can help you feel unique.