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Fighting for a chance, one child at a time

The hardships Cancer has brought upon children.
This is doctor Felix Aguilar in his office helping one of his patients.
This is Dr. Jamie Stokke

Cancer is a sickness that can impact a person’s life mentally, and emotionally. Childhood cancer affects thousands of children of all ages worldwide, with new diagnosis every year. While various treatments are available, not all are effective, or long term solutions. 

Doctors Felix Aguilar is a physician for LA Care and Jamie Stokke is a physician who works for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. They are both fully dedicated to their patients. Many days at the clinic are filled with laughter from children.  But, there are moments where not everything feels like joy. Delivering the devastating news that “Your child has cancer” is one of the hardest things to say to a parent. Parents often struggle to cope with the news, worrying about their child’s future. Dr. Aguilar and Stokke are committed to supporting patients and families through every step of the child’s journey. 

Childhood cancer is a cancer that develops in children and adolescents under the age of 20. Although rare, it is a significant health burden with approximately 9,910 new cases diagnosed annually in the U.S. among children aged 0-14 years, according to the National Cancer Institute in 2023. Leukemia, brain tumors, and lymphoma are the most common types of childhood cancers. Treatment has improved, but childhood cancer remains a pressing health concern. 

 Dr. Jamie Stokke has dedicated her career to supporting families through the unimaginable challenges of childhood cancer. With a deep understanding gained from her own experience as a mother, she empathizes with parents’ fears and emotions. “Since I have had my own children, I especially can feel for the parents- I see myself in them and I can sometimes feel their pain. It is very hard to separate those feelings at the end of the day.” Through her compassionate care, Dr. Stokke not only eases patient’s suffering but also offers hope and strength to families. By acknowledging the emotional toll on parents, she humanizes the medical journey, creating a safe and supportive environment for her young patients by transforming lives and leaving a lasting impact. 

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There are many children diagnosed with cancer annually, but not many people know to what degree cancer has affected their lives. Children besides being diagnosed with cancer deal with other struggles emotionally and socially. “Yes, patients are usually stressed to lose their hair, to not be able to go to school and see their friends, to play sports. It is very disruptive to their lives.” Stokke explains how many of these children suffer through these changes. Things like socializing and playing are suddenly not an option for them. These struggles demonstrate that cancer is more than a disease, but an emotional and social battle as well.

As cancer continues to spread readily worldwide, new cases bring devastating losses. When parents hear the unthinkable words ”Your child has passed away” it leaves an emotional wreck on parents for a long period of time. They scream, cry, and mourn the worthless efforts of countless treatments. The harsh reality is that approximately 1,800 children lose their lives to cancer each year. This heart wrenching truth underscores the urgent need for there to be more research, support, and hope for a cure. 

As we grow older, we learn to appreciate the opportunities we take for granted, like good health and friendships. Many are still unappreciative, and don’t know what others face. Meanwhile, there are many children facing unimaginable hardships, while still having a smile on their faces. Through my story, I hope to awaken empathy for these young heroes who suffer daily, yet find joy in small things. By sharing their struggles, I aim to foster a deeper appreciation for the opportunities we often overlook and inspire compassion for those who are struggling.

Childhood cancer has a profound impact on children, whether it’s through their emotional state or being able to socialize. These factors all play a role in changing these children’s lives, making them struggle on a daily basis. These children deserve to live an ordinary life, just like other children not having to deal with this horrible disease, but in order for this to happen something must be done. It all must start with a chance. 


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