Raspados Don Manuel: A Boyle Heights Staple


“Photo Courtesy of Don Manuel’s Website”

Don Manuel’s Great Success

It started in 2001 when a small family opened up a small raspados shop called Raspados Don Manuel on 4th  street los Angeles. Fast forward today, and  they now are a family owned business and are thriving on making their products the highest quality ever and have opened up 7 locations in total all over the city of Los Angeles. 


 Raspados Don Manuel is more than just a local raspados shop, it’s a place where people can hang out and relax while enjoying delicious treats. For example, students from a nearby high school like to buy treats after a long day at school so they like to shop at raspados don Manuel as a way to treat themselves. it’s also a win-win for both students and the business. They get the profit and students get the satisfaction in their bellies. The products are made with natural fruit and well cooked as well as made with the highest quality ingredients for the customers to enjoy over any season 

Best Raspado place ever. I’ve tried various other places, but none of this one. Every time I’m around the area I make it a point to stop by and get my usual vanilla and butter pecan Raspado with cream on top. This place doesn’t need phony customer service– the product sells itself,” one Yelper commented.

Over the years Raspados Don Manuel  has expanded their business all over the city evaluating there brand to succeed by sharing it online starting with their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Raspados Don Manuel is mostly known for their delicious tostilocos (a popular Mexican antojito that consists of Tostitos tortilla chips topped with cueritos, cucumber, jícama, lime juice, Valentina hot sauce, chamoy, Tajín chili powder, salt, and “Japanese peanuts”).

Raspados Don Manuel is a great place to stop by if you ever visit or live in LA. Just make sure you have a buddie in case you don’t want to stay longer and enjoy your delicious treat.