Pretty Privilege and it’s Affect on Teenagers

Pretty Privilege and its Affect on Teenagers

Brenda Garcia, Contributor

                    Pretty privilege and it’s affect on teenagers       

 CXO Media is classifies “pretty privilege” as, “Pretty Privilege by meaning is a principle that people who are deemed attractive based on beauty standards that stand in society, have an upper hand, and are afforded many opportunities that regular people who society regard as unattractive don’t have.”

Also classified as when a an individual has a higher power in beauty forms  within society unknowingly, will often have opportunities  being in their favor in any setting involving social interaction.

One of the many steaming roots for pretty privilege often comes from social media where most of the opportunities take place such as Tiktok.

For example, TikTok is a major factor for the way it influences our beauty standards, from having glowing skin to being expected to  be on the alternative spectrum, these things can differ to what’s being popularized.

Many of these things can influence one’s modern day view that could all lead up to controversies such as debates of who should do this or who shouldn’t be involve with this trend or problem. We as humans often get lured in whenever there’s “eye” candy in our view, especially when its within another human as it releases a pleasant reaction.
Beauty is often thought of a positive thing and our brains naturally translate it as a trait that should go along with someone innocent.
 This leads us to  teasing within public settings that is being familiar with comfort such as school.
Teasing or leaving a person out who doesn’t have pretty privilege is a major problem in schools, Sometimes it can even be the little things that have hidden red flags.
(This issue is often found commonly or targeted towards women as a audience )
All of this is sources back to the male gaze and years of oppressive expectations against the women.
Examples like:
1.Excessive makeup being used from popular trends being judged by others who aren’t even participating.
2. Your beauty determines your popularity without being verbally decided.
3. Social groups forgetting or leaving a person out who doesn’t have pretty privilege (treating them as if they’re not part of a group or acknowledging their existence, pity excuses)
4. Some who possess this sort of privilege acknowledges it’s advantage and often abuses/weaponizing their privilege.
A person with pretty privilege can commit a immoral act without consequences with a audience being present.
Vice versa for a person without and they get attacked for it or ignored.
The first video discusses the dangers of pretty privilege, Used as one of my sources  : zoeunlimited, Title : pretty privilege is DANGEROUS (YouTube)