Vivian Cortez, Contributor

Endurance is the ability to keep going. I used my friends from the softball team in order to explore my theme. Softball takes a lot commitment in order to keep going because at some point you get stressed and dont want to keep going. My team inspires me to keep goung which is why I am exploring this theme with pictures of softball and makes me want to keep playing. The team makes me want to try harder for the team and makes me want to stay commited.

I took this photo for my theme because it shows all my softball team. This softball team encouraged me to keep going and not quit.
This picture was tooken when I had a game and was up to bat. I was very scared and nervous but my team encouraged me.
I took this on game day aswell. Me and my teamate were done warming up so we had decided to take a picture of the equipment we use.
This was also on game day where my teamate took a picture while I was practicing swinging. I was getting tired but she motivated me to keep going.
This was also game day where we were playing another school and we were losing. We pushed our self and ended up winning our game.