Brenda Garcia, Contributor

         I chose those type of series of photos because the way they were able to somewhat fit my theme was relieving. My theme revolves around elements of  monochromatic pallet that consists two of the same colors repeatedly for most of the time. Such as black and white, the reason why I enjoy these type of aesthetics is because i believe it’s a  eye-catching pleasing way that explains or directs to a certain subculture’s history.  Many like Alternative subcultures that I appreciate that have been long born since the late 50’s and applied to photography.


This first picture is one that I find pleasant because of the way its thorns are sticking out and it’s withering petals. For a lot of people this could represent many things or involving a purpose. To me this picture means that you can find an optimistic idea of a monotone subject simply because it’s part of nature.

The second picture, is a picture of two guitars lined up against each other on an instrument rack. Instruments can be a form of  expression in many creative arts as one of the most popular alternative subcultures such as post punk, or traditional goth, highly encourages expression and creativity to your own belief.

Photo was taken around 4:50 A.M. in the morning in Pomona as i was leaving a family friend’s party. I believe the sky was such a beautiful touch along with the dark palm trees surrounding to create such a dark but beautiful place.

Taken at the Griffith Observatory around 8 pm, walking up the long road upon the hill it takes. It was such a beautiful view of the whole thing, you were able to take many amazing pictures of the moon or any view. I took this picture of this area because the lamp post shined really nicely in the angle.

The red moon can be a symbol for many different purposes or meanings, but for decades the red moon has been connected towards the romantic goth genre for its bela lugosi’s touch.