Organic v.s. Inorganic

Dania Legido, Editor

Organic vs Inorganic photography is focused on capturing the essence of nature within urbanization. It often involves one going to places untouched by human activity and other places in which nature no longer grows. Organic vs Inorganic photography can be an eye opener to those who choose to participate; showing them how nature is resilient and grows in any place while also bringing some form of awareness of how little of nature can actually survive within our modernized world. It is a good way to allow oneself to see two very important spectrums of our world. It allows a person to be challenged when taking photos of places and things; in order to capture the theme one must find the perfect spots in which nature and urbanization coexists, in which nature thrives against urbanization, and in which urbanization overwhelms nature. A person must focus on the lighting, angle, and main item of their image, ensuring that it relates to the theme.

I took this photo when I visited Carmel by the Sea. It was during sunset and the sky had a certain lighting that allowed for the picture to come out purple.


I took this picture at the Santa Monica Pier. It was a cloudy day.


This is a picture of a snail that I saw on the sidewalk. An organism next to a cigarette.


This is a picture of a cactus that I took when I visited Death Valley in Nevada. It’s needles are very tough and hard to destroy as well as sharp.


This is another picture I took while at Carmel by the Sea. This is the entrance that one could take to get to an art store full of Disney paintings.


I took this picture of my cat because he was trying to play with me through the door but he had his death eyes so I knew that if I’d let him out he’d attack. However, his death eyes are really adorable and I’d wanted to take a picture of them for quite sometime so I quickly snapped this picture and accepted my fate.


I decided to grab some props I had laying around and take some pictures. This was a mask and flower crown. The crown was used to represent nature however it is man made and not at all natural. The mask was used to show how humans tend to put themselves behind a disguised and keep themselves hidden for fear of being ridiculed.