Leslie Salazar, Editor

Freedom can be demonstrated in many ways. Such as birds being portrayed as free in the skies. Despite my images not representing sky birds, they still represent freedom as they are not in cages. They choose to be anywhere they want to be without any limits. In my portfolio freedom is expressed through birds and other species being caught in their natural habitat or wherever they chose to be.

I took this picture of two birds relaxing on a fence. This photo represents freedom because these birds can come and go whenever they want.

This bird was in an usual spot. But it chose to be there which is another example of freedom.

These two birds noticed their reflection in a car. Although there are no birds trapped in the car it shows how birds desire freedom.

There is a beautiful thing behind that wooden block, a birds nest. This bird hanging on the rope is one of the parents. To me, this shows freedom because it shows how a bird doesn’t require the help of a human to build its nest, it shows that they are free and are able to make their own choices.


This image captures a momma duck and her ducklings swimming in a lake. It represents freedom because it shows these ducks swimming towards their freedom.


This image was taken in a park. It captures freedom because it shows how a peacock is enjoying itself in its environment.

This is a bird you don’t see everyday. I spotted this bird in my neighborhood, this photo demonstrates freedom because it shows how this could have been a pet who escaped. This bird is enjoying its freedom.

This image was captured in a rural area. I spotted this gorgeous butterfly standing in a yellow flower. This photo expresses freedom because it shows a butterfly in its natural environment.