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Meet Dr. Rodrigo, a neurologist inspiring future generations.
This is Dr. Rodrigos professional profile photo on the Keck School of Medicine website.
This is Dr. Rodrigo’s professional profile photo on the Keck School of Medicine website.
This is Dr.Rodrigo and his wife Dr. Santos.

Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez is a hard working doctor in the city of Los Angeles. He is a neurologist that is working  at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Rodrigo has had a long journey in reaching his goal to help the people in need who suffer from life threatening health conditions. The people Rodrigo helps out are the one who may feel hopeless in having a chance of surviving through these scary situations. 

Rodrigo wakes up every morning knowing that as soon as he walks through those doubled doors he goes in there with dedication to save the lives of many people. Not only is he saving lives, but giving people hope.That no matter what you are going through, with time everything will work out great. 

Rodrigo, a 61 year old neurologist, who isn’t your ordinary doctor. After holding a degree in Biological sciences at UC Irvine, he was later promoted to Chief of Neurology at Kaiser Permanente. He has been serving his community for more than 17 years, working with hospitalized patients. As well as being a doctor he dedicates his time to educating his peers, and volunteering at different neuromuscular clinics. 

With a serious tone, Dr. Rodrigo describes a struggle he faced that impacted not only his career, but his personal life, “Yes I did struggle, mostly during my undergraduate years, but because I was going through a tough time during that time. You know my parents separated when I was in high school. I think that  just added more stress to my family dynamic, and how it will affect the future of my family, and my own well being”. 

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“There is something that I don’t find fair when it comes to the medical field. Since I have been a doctor there has always been a problem in being able to afford treatments. This is something that I despise. When I see this happening to my patients it always comes to my mind why it has to be like this. I wish everyone would have the same opportunities in getting treatments no matter the type of insurance they have,” Rodrigo reflects. This shows Dr. Rodrigo feels for those unfortunate people who don’t have the ability to take treatment based on their insurance.

Rodrigo shares that with passion and dedication he wants future medical students to choose their pathway wisely in order for them to be successful, especially when it comes to their career, and working in this for the rest of their life. “My advice to future medical students, who may be  struggling is to make sure that what you are doing is something that you enjoy, and that you also have confidence in what you are doing because once you do it, there is no really turning back, or regretting it. It may be difficult but, when you believe in yourself and don’t give up then goals and dreams come true”. 

If Rodrigo had given up when he was going through difficult times, then Rodrigo wouldn’t be the person he is today. Throughout his journey he didn’t get as much support as others would. He was discouraged multiple times, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams. He learned to not let discouragement get in the way of his goals, even if people didn’t support his ideas. He hoped during his journey he would set a good example for future generations who might be going through similar situations.

Although through this career there will always be hardship that people will face, we have to think about the outcome this brings not only to ourselves but also to our community. Rodrigo’s experience inspires others to not let negativity or discouragement get in the way of our success, instead focus on what’s better for yourself, and what you think is the best for your future. 

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