Short-term Benefits

“Is there a way to make everyone happy?”


Ivan Castillo, Editor of Opinion

The schedule at Oscar De La Hoya has changed quite a bit throughout these past two year, this happened to make the time spent at school feel shorter but in reality only made them feel much longer. It had made many students upset with how the time was spread out throughout the day. As a result there was another schedule change at the beginning of this year! Even though the time spent in class brought down dramatically some students still want our classes to be shorter for their own preferable reasons. So the question at hand here is, “Is there a way to make everyone happy?”


Principle of ODLH, Mr. Robert Pambello himself shared his point of view during an interview and a bit after to get a better understanding of what he had said previously. “They (teachers and students) wanted to change to shorter periods” Pambello explained. He continues further on by stating how when making the schools schedule he has to deal with legal things first, such as getting a certain amount of minutes and the days. While giving the people their days off and vacations to balance the hours. After all of that, he and the school’s calendar committee can take in recommendations and attempt to hear everyone. In the end, any changes made was to keep things fresh and things that students had recommended and benefit students through their highschool lives.


As some students were taken into consideration, others weren’t. But that doesn’t stop students from stating their opinions loudly when it comes to what they want.

One issue that bothers students are our floors determining our lunches. Another, is that some students don’t believe they learn as much in hour-long classes. But that comes with its own set of issues that are solved by how we have things now. Lunch is overcrowded with too many students, so we separate them in some way. Students are waiting out the clock and not getting much done in shorter classes, giving them more time to.


Even though some of these issues can be solved differently, they open up a new can of worms. Students can’t work as well as others can and want an environment where they can, well they can’t get that because others may ruin it. You want lunch with your friends and want lunches that can do that. Well some sophomore over there had made friends with some Juniors and now can’t see them anymore. If things change to benefit someone, someone else can get hurt and nobody wants that.


So how would someone try to meet everyone’s standards and make everyone content with the way things are? Well from what Pambello had stated there could be hope. “I…wanted to have focus groups. Pambello continues “What do you like about our school? If you could make a change what would you change?” As our principal, he wants to make things better for students and teachers, who have their own bones to pick with the way things are. This sounds great but only time can time if this will work or make things worse.