Why So Blue?

Why So Blue?

Vivian Cortez, Contributor

Uniform policy is a hot topic between staff and students. Uniform Policy has been apart from ODLH for a while now. 40 students and 5 staff across grade levels about their opinion on uniforms. Not surprisingly, students were not in favor of having uniforms at ODLH. While some teachers liked the idea of students wearing uniforms at school. Students provided many reasons why they believed uniform policy wasn’t necessary. 

“I feel like we should be given more colors and be able to wear hoodies.” freshman Alan Colin said. 80% of students that were interviewed share similar opinions on uniform policy. However, Some school officials are concerned about student safety.

“Having a uniform can be for safety purposes depending on the area we are in. It also stops bullying” student support specialist Ms. Vidals mentions. Uniform policy is important because the staff need to know the students that come here and make sure it’s a safe environment. The teachers mentioned that uniforms are also important so the students can stand out when we are on a field trip so no student gets lost. The uniform policy has also been mentioned as important because the students can focus on school and not get distracted by their hoodies. Teachers also mentioned that students always tend to use their hoodies as a way to hide the students’ AirPods.

Uniform policy not favored by students and teachers. There were around 36 students and teachers who did not favor uniforms. On the other hand there were 9 students and teachers who favored uniforms. Many students mentioned that uniforms are too expensive and that they prefer to wear whatever they had wanted or even wanted hoodies back. However, some teachers and students mentioned that they didn’t mind since they didn’t have to spend money on clothes and they didn’t have to struggle finding what to wear for school. The uniform policy could also be a way to stop bullying. Some people can’t afford clothes like others which can cause someone to get made fun of for what they wear.

“Avoid bullying. Avoid distinction.”