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“I had plenty of nicknames. The one I currently use is Izzy. That was given to me in middle school by a friend and is currently used to this day.”

This is Izzy and her favorite golden child

Isabel Rosales is a college student at Cal LA and she can not imagine her life without her dogs. She loves all of her dogs very much and she would do anything for them. Her least favorite subject  in school is higher education math because she thinks it’s too difficult.

Isabel is like to be known as Izzy she also loves to travel and her favorite spot that she likes to go is to big bear. Izzy was born on December 2, 1999. Her favorite teacher is Mr.Shields.

This teacher helped her inspire Izzy of her love of acting.


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Leslie Villagomez: please say your first name and last name
Isabel Rosales: hello my name is Isabel Rosales
Lv: okay I’ll be asking you a series of questions if you have any questions about my questions please answer them later
LV; the first question is did you have any nicknames growing up
IR: nicknames growing up I had plenty of nicknames the one I currently use is Izzy that was
given to me in Middle School by a friend and is currently used to this day
Lv: okay thank you the second question is what have what has been your favorite vacation spot
IR: favorite list Cajun Spa I traveled a bit in my current time but I believe Big Bear was my first favorite spot because due to the location and do the closeness of nature
LV: The next question is if you’re in the military but if you wanted to be.
IR:I currently do not serve in the military if I wanted to actually serve in the military I would like to be a marine or the Air Force
IR:Marine because personally I believe they’re more respected than your average Soldier and Air Force because you got to be up in the air
LV: where and when and where were you born
IR: I was born on December 2nd 1999 in as stated this is December it’s cold weather and I was born in Los Angeles
LV: okay thank you Can you tell me a story or a memory about your brothers and sisters please
IR: memories about my brothers and sisters my siblings okay give me a moment to think There is one memory it was a couple Halloween ago everyone was all together to go trick or treating but my sister always tends to get hurt in certain moments but this moment she actually it was dark and there was a hole in the ground and it was a go for her or something and she got her footstep inside the home that’s the memory I know
LV: The fifth question is was there any fashion you like the most
IR: me personally I like elegant I believe in elegant where is actually respected but also it looks nice but also I think I like that part where it’s more elegant casual where it’s good in both settings because you look presentable
LV: the 8th question is the 7th question is how did you feel about going to school
IR: going to school well from elementary to Middle School elementary was for me a requirement to go like from K to 12:00 and requirement obviously they were struggles but University I feel that it’s a privilege to be there because not many students get chosen especially now that the states are harder for Cal State
LV;The 8th question is which subject is the most difficult from school IR” school related courses the one that was hard for me as always been a struggle was higher education math because personally I’m not one for pi square and all that because personally my point of view when are you going to really use it it’s not yeah I have some value to it but whenever we actually going to solve problems like these in an actual real working force but overall I respect the subject
LV: the ninth question is who was your favorite teacher and why
IR: favorite teacher my favorite teacher I had many many teachers I liked specifically for their personality and their terms of course but there is is one teacher that is currently here and Oscar De La Hoya and his name is Mr Shield he is from the theater department and personally not to brag I was number one in this class for acting which inspired my love of acting in certain roles but it’s also a good stress reliever personally if you’re up on stage you’re free to do the road that you wish to do
LV: we’re in the final question what advice would you give to a child or a grandchild for their wedding day
IR: All right some advice I would personally give is make sure you take the time to before marriage some advice would be really get to know the person that you’re implementing to marry because for many things there’s no turning back for the most of it when it comes to wedding through the church but if it’s actually the wedding day I would say happy wife happy life

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