“I was at school, then I was playing kickball with Oscar and Yurya and David and Esteban”

This is my 8 year old brother. I decided to interview him because I he is a very funny kid to listen to.
This is my 8 year old brother. I decided to interview him because I he is a very funny kid to listen to.
Briana Villarruel

This interview is about my 8 year old brother. He goes to Extera public elementary school. I wanted to interview him because he is the most creative, smartest, funniest, cutest, happiest, kid that I know.

I’ve always tried being there for him when he is upset but I try my best to be the best sister I possibly can for him, being a role model means being my best just so he 73-learns how to be a good person. Vicente built Lego’s but I use this picture capturing the type of energetic and outgoing person he is. In this photo he is at the pumpkin patch just being himself.

In this interview I ask my brother some questions about himself and his life.


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Briana Villarruel: Alright, Hi Vince
Vicente Villarruel III: Hi 
B.V: I’m going to be asking you some questions, okay
V.V: Okay what is it?
B.V: Alright so how was your day?
V.V: It was good 
B.V: Tell me about it, what happened 
V.V: I was at school, than  I was playing kickball with Oscar and Yuraia and David and Esteban 
B.V: Oh really?
V.V: And Adam.
B.V : And Adam?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V That is so cool
V.V: Than I won the game 
B.V: *Gasps* You won?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Wow good job! High Five. 
*They give a high five*
B.V: Yeah good job Vince
B.V: But do you like school?
V.V: I do.
B.V: you do? How much? How much do you like school?
V.V: A lo. 
B.V: A lot? What do you like about it?
V.V: Like we learn and have some free time
B.V: Really? 
V.V: Yeah
B.V: What do you do in your free time?
V.V; We play games, use our laptops and rest.
B.V:Oh how nice, what do you do when you have free time on your laptop?
B.V: What games do you play?
*Briana laughs*
B.V: What is that?
V.V: it’s a game, you know when you’re a kid you play.
B.V: OHHH ok I think I know
V.V : And.
B.V: It’s a kids game huh.
V.V: Yeah, and mm and teach your monster and.
B.V: That’s so cool
V.V: And boddle
B.V: Boddle?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Oh I’ve never heard of that game.
V.V: And that’s all.
B.V: Oh okay.
B.V: But what’s your favorite color?
V.V: Green 
B.V: Green?
B.V: Why do you like that color?
V.V: because uh umm because it looks satisfying when it’s like a diamond.
B.V: Oh really? 
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: What do you want to be when you’re older?
V.V:Mmm wha what?
B.V: What do you want to be when you are older
V.V: Be a cop.
B..V: You want to be a cop?
B.V: What do you want to do as a cop?
V.V:you know like hmm
B.V: Stop the bad guys? 
V.V: Stopping the bad guys, prank them while it looks like i’m going to shoot them
B.V: Woah *Laughs* Alright.
B.V: Umm what’s your favorite part of school?
V.V: Recess and Lunch 
B.V: *Laughs* thats funny, that used to be my favorite part too you know, still is 
V.V: What, next one 
B.V: Um, who’s your favorite person?
V.V: Favorite person? Where
B.V: Like who’s your favorite person? 
V.V: Mom, Dad and you.
B.V: No but you have to pick one only
V.V: Mm *sighs*
V.V:Ok I’m just gonna choose one from school
B.V: Who?
V.V: My Teacher
B.V; What Teacher?
V.V: Mrs. Rosales 
B.V: She’s your favorite?
V.V Yeah 
B.V: Whattt? 
B.V: What do you like about yourself? 
V:V: I have a famous name 
B.V: Really?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: That’s what you like about yourself?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: You like your name?
V.V: Yeah *laughs*
B.V: Oh my goodness 
B.V: Umm what is your favorite thing to do? 
V.V: My favorite thing to do?
B.V: Yeah 
V.V: Where 
B.V: Like any time, what do you like to do the most? 
V.V: You know go to places 
B.V: Like where?
V.V: Kids empire
B.V: Oh you like the kids empire?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Oh that’s cool.
B.V: What scares you the most?
V.V: Scary movies
B.V: Scary movies??
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Really??
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Nooo no it doesn’t 
V.V: It does.
B.V: No
V.V: It does 
B.V: You watched Chucky, you didn’t get scared
V.V: Yeah but that was just another movie 
*My dogs hits herself on the table* LOL 
B.V: Vinceee
V.V: Sorry 
*We both laugh*
B.V: Kaya poor Kaya 
V.V: Kayaa 
B.V: Umm, do you have a favorite joke that you want to tell me? 
V.V: Yeah
V.V: Why does the toaster talk?
B.V: Why?
V.V: Because it went across the world and ate chicken.
B.V: WHAT?!!?? 
B.V: That doesn’t make sense.
V.V: It’s a joke though
B.V: What?? I don’t get it.
B.V: Are you trying to explain why the chicken crosses the world?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Um okay let me tell you a joke
B.V: Why did the chicken cross the road?
V.V: Why? 
B.V: Because he 
V.V: To get away from the spell? 
B.V: No.
B.V: To get away from KFC.
Vincent starts to play with Kaya (My dog)
B.V: Do you know why I’m saying that? 
V.V: Why?
B.V: Because  KFC, that’s where they make chicken. Oh 
V.V: How about another one. (He means question)
B.V: The last question is If you had a time machine, where would you go? 
V.V: What’s a time machine?
B.V: It’s like a machine where you can go anywhere, Anytime around the world.
V.V: Hmm
B.V: Like where would you go if you had a time machine?
B.V You can go back in time or you can go to the future, where would you go? 
V.V: Uh the future.
B.V: The future? Why? 
V.V: Because the future can show us what is going on or what we’re doing 
B.V: Or what you’re doing?
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Cool, So you would go to the future? 
V.V: Yeah 
B.V: Oh okay. 
B.V: Well that is it, Thank you Vince 
B.V: Thank you for being such a nice person. 
V.V: You’re welcome
B.V: High Five, You did it 
*He high fives hard*
B.V: Oh damn 
B.V: Alright, That’s a rap.


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