A Leap of Faith.


Jose Perez

For some of us, trying new things might be scary, and we might be afraid to fail. For Mrs. Vidals, this is not a problem, and she faces challenges head-on, even if things come out differently than she expected. Mrs. Vidals went from teaching to becoming a student support specialist at ODLH. A fun fact that Mrs. Vidals shared was, “I was a tutor at Extera Lorena elementary school and some of those students are freshman and sophomores at ODLH today.” She shares that seeing these students as young adults is exciting because she gets to see how far they have come. However, it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, as Mrs. Vidals addresses uniform and behavior. You would think she might struggle in difficult situations like this, but this isn’t a problem. She tries to implement different practices she has learned throughout her career. Her goal is to help resolve complex situations by helping students see everyone’s point of view. When I asked if doing this job was overwhelming, she said, “I do, but any job is stressful. I try my best to leave work at the site to avoid getting overwhelmed.” Though this job may be stressful, Mrs. Vidals dedicates time to herself and tries her best to spend time with family and friends.