Jazmin Drilling Into Her Passion!

Jazmin Drilling Into Her Passion!

Vivian Cortez, Contributor

Jazmin Garcia is a sophomore at Garfield High School that loves to be on the drill team. She has always wanted to do drill and ever since she was a little girl, she got into high school she started doing it and loved it.

She has been into drill since elementary school. She never got the chance to do any dancing since her school didn’t have that program. Drill taught her not to give up on anything and to not procrastinate. For Jazmin, having the passion for drill is how her life changed completely because she puts all her time into drill.

VC: What’s your name?

JG: Jazmin Garcia

VC: What made you get into drill?

JG: In elementary school I’ve always wanted to dance and I never got that opportunity in middle school until I got to high school. I was able to do it and I loved it.

VC: Who got you into the drill? What makes a good drill team? What skills does someone need to be good at drill?

JG: I saw a group of girls from drill go to my elementary school and I thought it looked cool and it really caught my attention. The people in the team make drill a good team because we’re all kind to each other and treat each other like family and we all like what we do and we’re very passionate about it. I don’t think you need anything to be good at drill, just being able to learn a dance and catching on makes you good at drill, overtime you slowly get better at it.

VC: How do your parents feel about you being in drill?

JG:  My parents like to see me in drill, especially when they get to see me perform, they think it really suits me and they support me in everything.

VC: What was the happiest moment of your life?

JG: The happiest moment of my life was when at the east la classic because I had a great time performing and being able to cheer on my school and getting to see the black eyed peas and dancing with them.

VC: When you would win, what was the feeling you would get?

JG: I never was able to win but when I know I did something good I would feel very proud and really happy about it because I had practiced for it and it feels good to achieve something after practicing for it a lot.

VC: If you could do everything again, what would you do differently?

JG: If I could do everything again, I would change the fact that I didn’t try out for a specific dance because I feel like I could’ve been in it and I would’ve been very good at it.

VC: How has your life been different from what you’d imagined?

JG: My life has been different ever since I joined drill because I’ve been at school more and I got more behind in work, but I always learn to catch up and I get stressed out a lot with homework because of the harder classes I take, but I still manage to get good grades.

VC: What was it like where you grew up? What was your childhood


JG: Where I grew up I was always near my friends and I was always able to hang out with them, I had always lived close to my schools and close to my relatives. During my childhood I was always very shy and very quiet but I was always able to make friends easily.

VC: What were your parents like? Where are your parents from? Have

they told you any stories about growing up or living where they’re

from? Have you ever been there? What was that experience like?

JG: My parents are very supportive and loving with me and they’re always able to provide for me. My parents came from Mexico to the US so it was harder for them at first but they were able to succeed in their jobs and take care of me and my siblings.

VC: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

JG: The most important lessons I’ve learned was to never give up on anything even if it feels impossible and to not procrastinate on work because it will get stressful.