Antony’s Passion For Games.


Yazmin Razo, Contributor

Antony Razo is an 18 year old who just finished high school and is currently a freshman at Specific City College. Antony is taking classes for a game designing company and is designing characters in hopes of launching his very own game in the future. When Antony was younger he was obsessed with games and was intrigued with the process of how much is  taken for a game to be made. So now, Antony has taken up game designing as a career to learn about designing games step by step.  



 Y.R: “Are you a graduate student? If yes where from?”

A.R: “I’m a graduate student from ODLH.”



 Y.R.: “What are your plans for the future?”

A.R.: “My plans for the future are… well finish college first at once and start working a game company then work myself up the ladder to one create my own game.”



Y.R.: ‘What made you pursue your chosen career?” 

A.R.: “Will mostly playing games in my life I’m a big fan of games, I love how they design the games and how much it takes them to be made.”



Y.R.: “Do you attend college?” 

A.R.: “Yes! I’m finishing my first semester in college right now, in the Specific City College.”



Y.R.: “Who is someone who inspires you in life?”

A.R.: “That would be my uncle Juan, he is hardworking and he has his priorities life all checked out.” 



Y.R.: “What did you want to be when you were younger?”

A.R.: “I wanted to be a doctor for once, but it changed over time.”



Y.R.: “What do you admire most about our mom?”

A.R.: “Well mostly her hard work and how she provides for all of us since we have 5 siblings.”



 Y.R.: “Was there something you would have wanted to tell me when we were kids?”

A.R.: “No I mostly told you everything when we were kids.”



Y.R.: “If you could have any superpower what would it be? And why?”

A.R.: “I will have the power of the game system because there are many RPG’s where you can get your weapons and it’s infinite.”



Y.R.: “What do you like most about me?”

A.R.: “Your charisma, you could literally convince anyone on what you want them to do like if you want them to do something for you just tell them anything.”