Ms. Perales: Everyone Has Their Own Story


Saylah Vera, Editor

Not everyone gets to do their dream job, but Ms. Perales, an English teacher here at ODLH, has wanted to be a teacher since she was 5. Although the subject she teaches now is not the one she had in mind when first studying to be an educator, she wanted to be a music teacher. Through some discouragement and a bad experience with a professor, Ms. Perales came to the conclusion that teaching music would not be for her and moved on to English.  “I don’t really see myself teaching music the way I wanted in the beginning, I like teaching what I teach now and I’ve learned a lot through it” she explained. 

As a person who appreciates Gothic literature, Ms. Perales favors the story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. “The story is so much more than just a piece of science fiction, it’s so prevalent in how people perceive the world. Everyone focuses on how a person looks or where they come from, we don’t focus on who the person actually is,” she explained. Ms. Perales believes that everyone has their own story and that it deserves to be known and understood.