Rosario Cruz: Friendships are a Breeze


Alondra Corza, Contributor

Many people struggle with making new friends but to this ODLH student befriending others comes easy. Rosario Cruz explains how making friends is a breeze to her. “I’m a very sociable so I can make friends easily” She explained “I’m really good at making people comfortable and alleviating stressful situations.” These skills aid her in creating new and stable relationships with others.  What many don’t know is that she also relies on her friends just as much as they rely on her,. “At home I’m very independent, but at school I rely on my friends, I need them,” she said. Rosario expresses her difficulty in being okay with herself and the high standards she sets for herself but spending time with others helps her become at ease. 

Rosario has two role models whom she looks up to and aspires to be like. “Mr. Valles and Ms. Gladin, they’re pretty cool and very inspiring.” Rosario reveals she desires to come across as an inspiration to others as well.