Kimberly’s Reading Hobby


Leslie Salazar, Editor

We all learn to read at a young age, however reading can grow to become more than just a daily basis action, it can become a hobby for some of us. Kimberly Sanchez is  sophomore  here at ODLH and she loves to read.  Not only does reading bring fresh knowledge to Kimberly but it is also a meaningful way of satisfaction to keep her busy when she is bored. In 8th grade I started reading,” she explained, “I was around 14 or 13, during COVID.” Over time she fell in love with reading horror books and out of all of the books she has read from this genre her most favorite is, “The Dead and The Dark” by Courtney Gold.  Reading will surely help her in her plans for the future. “I’m hoping to become either a doctor, lawyer, or a veterinarian” She explained. Kimberly knows a book is good if it makes her cry at the end.