Mr. Anderson: Creating Connections with his Classes.


Brenda G., Contributor



One teacher teachers that shows how much he cares about his work with students is Mr. Anderson. Anyone in his class who is fortunate enough to be around him will notice his positive demeanor.

He makes an attempt to get everyone in the class involved and comfortable, despite the fact that biology can be a challenging topic for students to master.

Mr. Anderson not only teaches students the facts of biology, but other important skills as well. “Helping others to learn, grow and develop, especially teaching high school. We all teach content about science, but there is there is a big emphasis on teaching them about skills about writing and providing evidence” he explained. 

For Anderson, teaching is more than just teaching content. It’s about developing a relationship with students. “It’s more about imparting to them real-world skills and ideologies of what one can do in life outside of the classroom and how one is able to apply what one has learned in school to the real world.”

He says that most of his classes function like a family or community, with everyone getting along well and being willing to support any sincere endeavors. Mr. Anderson frequently makes an effort to establish a family-relative relationship with his pupils and create a safe space for everyone in the classroom. “I like how my periods work more as a family in the classroom and being non judgmental,” he said.