Ms. Juarez’s Biology Escapade.


Ms. Juarez teaches a class.

Dania Legido, Editor of News

Everyone has a dream or goal they want to achieve; an ambition they seek to follow. Ms. Juarez is no exception; she hopes to someday become a teacher. As a young girl she’d constantly moved around. This allowed her to witness the different types of teaching styles people had due to her jumping from school to school every few years. After witnessing her second grade teacher in action, she’s always felt this need to teach. She’s just started working at ODLH this year but has already come so far in these past few months. 

Ms. Juarez doesn’t just want to teach any subject though, she wants to teach something that she really enjoys; and for her that’s biology. “Biology is just the most interesting science for me,” Says Ms. Juarez. “ I’ve had to study chemistry and physics in college but I’ve always found bio more interesting.” Her passion for biology is greatly shown when she speaks about it. The history behind biology and the mystery is something she greatly enjoys about it. “So everything in bio is a theory. We don’t really know everything 100% sure. It’s just so interesting how we learn and make theories and how we find evidence to prove those theories.” Ms. Juarez said, “like the dinosaurs- we will never know what they looked like; we’re just assuming stuff. The texture of their skin and their colors is all just a theory.” Ms. Juarez isn’t shy when it comes to biology and is always excited to share information about it with others; the passion Ms. Juarez has for biology and teaching is something that can and has truly inspired others.