Ms. Galang and The Science of Teaching


Leslie Salazar, Editor

“Being a physics teacher is the only thing I want.” stated Ms. Galang. Over the past 31 years now, Ms. Galang has been teaching multiple subjects in the United States and the Philippines. Two years ago, she was welcomed into the ODLH family. Up to the present, she has been providing education for the 9th grade students and is on a mission to make her students succeed in life and help them understand the concept of physics. Her grandfather always encouraged her to become the first teacher in her family. Inspired by the words of her grandfather, she went on to achieve her goal. “Being a teacher is a calling,” she explained, “and now I understand why I am a teacher.” Ms. Galang’s love for science led her to become a biology teacher in her early stages of her career. It wasn’t until she was given a simple task in college where she had discovered physics and decided it was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. “I became a physics teacher because I like doing fun activities and experiments.” Today, Ms. Galang is the physics teacher in ODLH, she believes that being a physics teacher is her calling. She loves her job and students and there is no other career she would rather have.