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March 19, 2024

“My biggest influence, I have to say is my father. I think that he is a very astute man who basically had nothing when he first came to this country”

This photo was taken at one of the few times our whole family went out together which was very special to Karen, the person in the photo.

Karen Garcia is a curriculum developer for a nonprofit organization who greatly appreciates her family, especially her parents. Her parents have influenced her work life and mindset especially her father who is a hard working man who she believes she takes after. 

Her work ethic and mindset have been heavily influenced by her father. She remembers her father always working his hardest despite migrating with nothing. She is grateful for him always working hard, trying his best, and paving the way for his family.

She says that from a young age her father always instilled in her to work hard and be solution oriented. Which has stuck with her, her whole life.


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Angel Garcia: How would you describe yourself?
Karen Garcia: I would say I am a hardworking individual that enjoys the simple things in life. I am a goofball sometimes and I cry over dog videos all the time because I can be very sensitive as well.


A.G: What about dogs is sad to you?
K.G: They’re not sad I just get overly emotional and their tears of joy but also the sad videos make me cry.


A.G: What do you do for fun and why?
K.G: For fun I like to go on hikes with my dog Sky. The reason I like to do that is because something about being out in nature always grounds me and brings me joy and It just makes me be at peace.


A.G: Did you always like nature?
K.G: No actually I think I got into hiking and nature during the pandemic because there was nothing to do and going hiking was the only safe thing since no one was out there.


A.G: How would you describe your family?
K.G: I come from a very traditional Hispanic family. We are a very close knit and it consists of my parents and two brothers and though we are far from perfect I think one thing I admire about us is that we really do love each other unconditionally despite not always seeing eye to eye on everything.


A.G: Where did you grow up and how would you describe it?
K.G: I grew up in Boyle Height and I would say that the neighborhood has definitely changed from when I was growing up and I think it’s a bittersweet feeling to that just to see how much its progress with now the coffee shops that we have and the night life that is active but it’s nice to just see the transition.


A.G: Where in Boyle Heights did you grow up?
K.G: I grew up near mariachi plaza. Actually no, I grew up in the Wyvernwood projects and moved out of there and now living near mariachi plaza.


A.G: Did you like your childhood? Why or why not?
K.G: Ya I liked my childhood. I think my childhood was definitely interesting to say the least, ya I think I could describe it would just be interesting  but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I believe that it’s shaped me to be the person I am today. 


A.G: Is your current job what you imagined it would be?
K.G: No, I studied business when I went to college. I studied business administration so I always thought I would have some job relating to business but that is not at all what I am doing right now.


A.G: What are you currently doing right now?
K.G: I am currently a curriculum/instructional designer for a nonprofit organization. What that basically means is that I create content for adult learners who are focusing on how to be professionals in the workplace and that’s very different than business admin.


A.G: Do you enjoy your job?
K.G: I do enjoy my job, I get to call myself a resource for the community. My job works a lot with community members experiencing barriers to employment whether it’s due to criminal backgrounds, or homelessness, or just in general where they grew up in and there backgrounds so being able to connect them to county employment has definitely been fulfilling and it just makes me feel like can make a small difference in someone’s life.


A.G: What lessons has your job taught you?
K.G: I’ve learned the importance of having healthy boundaries and a work life balance.


A.G: Did you struggle having to balance your work and your life?
K.G: Yes, I think it is super easy to get consumed with work especially because I take pride in what I do and I always want to excel and being able to say “ok it’s five pm let me clock off” has been a challenge because then you know I get live my life and ya it has but i’m getting better at it.


A.G: Who is your biggest influence?
K.G: My biggest influence, I have to say is my father. I think that he is a very astute man who basically had nothing when he first came to this country so when he first immigrated he paved the way for his family. I think he is the definition of a go-getter which is why I always do my best in everything that I do since that is what he taught me.


A.G: What have you learned from him?
K.G: Like I said he instilled in me just to be very solution focused, He is a man that will always find a way to accomplish anything he sets his mind to and I really do believe that I take after him in that mindset.


A.G: What is your favorite memory with your family?
K.G: I have a lot of memories so its really difficult to really choose only one, but I think one of the proudest memories that I have is being able to fly to mexico and being able to reunite my mom and her mom after not being able to see each other for over twenty plus years. Being a part of that journey was really wholesome and I think just seeing the happiness that it brought to our family when our family came to the states was really beautiful.

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