Mia Aceituno


Brandie Aceituno, Contributor

Mia is a 12 year old girl, currently in 7th grade in a private school. She is currently into baseball. This sport has been her thing since she was 10 years old. She likes to go to a bunch of baseball games, spend money on cleats, and softball gear. She even buys a bunch of Dodgers merch , and her favorite player is Mookie Betts.  For Mia softball and sports is what helps her overcome struggles and challenges when she’s going through something.  Softball helps her distract her mind when something negative is going on around her and helps her focus on what really matters.  

BA: whats your name

MA: Mia Alena Aceituno

BA: what school and grade are you attending

MA: I am currently in 7th grade attending Resurrection Private School

BA: what is one of the big things that you enjoy doing there?

MA: I am on the big soft ball team,  I was really excited to try out when I heard they were holding tryouts

BA: have u ever played on  a softball team? If so for how long?
MA: I started playing when i was 10, over the summer I played in a park and really got in into it.

BA: What position did you play?

MA: I played “pitcher”

BA: How was the experience?

MA: good actually i fell in love with the whole football thing, i love going to the Dodger games and have a bunch of merch and softball equipment.
BA: Interesting, who is your favorite player on the team!?

MA: Mookie Betts!  softball helps me out a lot too, lie when I’m struggling or feel drained I get to distract my mind with being on the field and it gets me back on track. but yea thats all about softball

BA: Interesting, well thank you very much for that information and participating on this interview

MA: No problem thank you for having me!