Franklin and the Love of Art


Diego Barrera

 Art does not have to be in a museum for it to be considered valuable. Many artists create works that are beautiful and they are far from famous. One such artist is Franklin (Frank) Gonzalez. Frank has been practicing his art since he was a young kid. “ I think that I was around 9 years old when I first started to draw,” he recalled, “and I liked it.” At that age Frank was just getting started with his artistic passion.“I think I started to take it seriously when I was 12 because I saw that I was improving pretty fast . ”  Frank remembers his earliest works, “ I just started to doodle randomly, then I started copying things, and it would actually come out accurate. Then I was like, ‘hold up, I’m kinda good at this’”  he said with a smile.  According to Frank, anyone can start their own passion with time and effort, but most importantly motivation. Like everyone, Frank had doubts when he first started. “Yes I always have that mindset that I’m not good enough to draw and that my drawings are bad but after a while I get over it and try to not focus on that and just draw.” Frank recommends to not focus on being perfect, but instead let your heart and imagination go wild. “I realized how good I was if I did not worry about perfection. I found it way easier to draw once I realized that everyone has a different way to draw.” No art is perfect. Every piece of art has something unique. That’s what makes art fun, exciting, and in a way mysterious.