Coach Rene: Running Doesn’t Always Have to be Dreadful


Osvaldo Rojas, Editor

Many don’t enjoy running and many coaches used running as punishment. Rene Espinoza, on the other hand, loves running and is a big part of his life. Rene hasn’t always loved running or even had the thought of ever running. Rene didn’t start running until College where he ran in Cross Country for 2 years at Santa Monica College where his love for running sparked.  Rene Cross country experience was “Amazing, it’s the reason why it’s allowed me to, open up as a person I was pretty, reserved really say much but it brought me out of my shell, met some people one of my best friends to this day,” Rene said, “but cross country brought us together.” Rene has gained many connections and best friends from Running as well as growing from it. Running wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Rene. He recalls the how he felt during his first marathon. “Horrible, yes it was horrible. In cross country, as you know, a race is only a 5k. a marathon is  26.2 miles. I did not train. I was out there for about 4 hours and 55 minutes. It was brutal, it humbled me quick” said Rene with a smile. He continued, “therefore the following year I started training to this day, to become a marathon running I can officially say I’m a marathon runner now.” Rene has had his hardships in running but still chooses to do cause he loves the journey so his one tip to anyone considering running, “Be patient with yourself, be kind with yourself, ‘cause the run, as you know, will humble you. Enjoy every run. It doesn’t have to be a fast run, and even if you don’t have a good run, (you don’t like the time or you had to use the restroom mid way) just be kind to yourself,” Rene said, “the journey will eventually be worth it.”