Ms. Flores’ Story


Diego Barrera, Contributor

 English is everywhere, but mainly it is our way of communicating.  That is why we have to appreciate the people who take their time to teach us this subject. For the past ten years, Ms. Flores has taken up this responsibility and uses her position as a teacher to connect with the students. “ I am passionate about connecting with the students” Flores explained,  “to hear from them and their opinions and their own stories and what they’re interested in.” Ms. Flores does her best to make her class fun while teaching the importance of English itself.

However, Ms. Flores didn’t always want to be a teacher. “I did not want to be a teacher and so I was kind of hiding from it. I was going to be a veterinarian for a while. Or I wanted to do Construction and design which is like building and painting buildings” Flores said, but destiny had other plans. “After graduating, several friends encouraged me to check out a career in teaching and I was already doing tutoring and stuff” Flores explained, “so I went through the process and it went so smoothly so ‘I was just like okay universe you win’” she said with a laugh. “So now this is my eleventh year at ODLH.”

Everyone has good and bad experiences with what they are doing. For Flores, it took some time to get in the right mindset, but it all worked out in the end. “I would tell my younger self that it doesn’t matter how you perform on something because you can learn it if you apply yourself. ” She said with a big smile.