Coach Berumen


From loving baseball as a kid, to becoming a baseball coach for the school you teach in. Not knowing anything about being a coach, Coach Berumen took the opportunity to become a coach and learned how to be one. Taking everyday slow and having a clear mind set to organize practices, learning techniques to reading books and building a relationship with the kids, Coach Berumen did a great job. Any other person would stress about having to deal with their own life problems while teaching kids AND coaching baseball, but Coach has felt like he improved since the beginning and has divided each part equally. 

Coach Berumen has been a baseball fan since he was a little kid. “ I’ve played baseball my whole life since t-ball and through high school and a little bit in collage and baseball has been my favorite sport” He explained, “ I’m attracted to the technical aspects of the game the strategy also the physicality and I just think its the best sport.” Being so involved with baseball your whole life it would be as great to become a coach and have your own team and accomplishment and Coach Berumen has gotten the very opportunity to. “ I was interested when I saw that there was a email that they needed a coach” he recalled,  “so I inquired because I wanted to get involved in anyway I could and once I met with the athletic director I got the job” he said with a smile. Starting as a beginner coach isn’t easy but the more you do it it becomes easier. “ The hardest part of starting as a new coach is managing different personalities. To start with I had to figure out what I was going to do what my coaching philosophy would be but as much as you are prepared your never as prepared as you go out to the field and your given 20-15 kids and they all want to their own thing”  he continued,“ you build organizational skills, you learn how to manage players , how to build leader ship characteristics and also you get to build a relationship with students and parents. “