Elizabeth Martinez – Her Motivation to Impact the Lives of Students and Teachers


Much love and happiness for parents and students at OLDH

Jazmine Mercado, Contributor

There’s plenty of staff here at ODLH including Elizabeth Martinez. Ms. Martinez genuinely cares about our students and their well being. This is why she has been operating the parent engagement and workshops. Wanting to teach parents what they can do to help their kids reach their potential in the same ways that she helps students reach theirs. 

Elizabeth Martinez has enjoyed being a parent coordinator and helping students reach their goals. “I’ve always loved working with parents and because I speak Spanish very well. I know that I can teach parents about things that their students

Graduating at UC Davis 2018

can do; their potential.” she explained,” I also really want to work with students because I know when I was in college other students helped me very much.” Her motivation for helping students comes from what she’s witnessed and wants to do to help out. “It doesn’t seem that I do much because I’m always in the office but I actually do a lot of workshops for parents, parent engagement and presenting.” She said. “I try to always put myself in the student’s shoes and understand why you guys are acting out or being rude. It’s usually because you guys have your own issues to deal with so it’s just not a challenge but more like ‘Okay I need to put myself in your shoes.’” Ms. Martinez has a genuine care for students and hopes to impact their lives in many ways. Recently, Ms. Martinez has left to continue to work with parents and students, but she is very much missed by ODLH students and staff.